Saturday, July 28, 2012

Popping the Question - Let's Get It Started

Today (Saturday July 28th, 2012) was a very special day indeed!  It just so happens to be John's birthday, and I (Aubri) took him to the Oregon coast to celebrate.  We had a great day... with absolutely nothing planned!  We wanted to just be together and explore.  It was perfect!  Beautiful weather, lots of sun (rare for the Oregon coast!) and in the 70's.

We ended up taking a little tour of the central coast lighthouses.  Our first stop was the Yaquina Head lighthouse.

We then moved on to see the Yaquina Bay lighthouse.

Clearly, smooching was required... :-)

We decided at that point that we should head toward the Heceta Head lighthouse.  Unfortunately, the GPS on my iPhone didn't agree with us.  We ended up getting slightly confused and ended up heading to Cape Perpetua instead.  Let me tell you, I am SO glad that we missed out on Heceta Head this trip!

We drove all the way to the top of the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, and got out at the beautiful overlook.  Somehow, I still had no idea what was about to happen.  It was there, on that gorgeous cliff overlooking the Pacific, that John asked me to marry him.  Honestly, it was amazing!  We were all alone, just us and the scenery, we had our perfect moment.  A nice hiker happened by and took a picture for us, we think he may have been a photographer... he posed us and had us try a couple of different angles, all while mumbling about the light being this way or that.  Cute!  It was great!

Then, we looked out over the ocean... and WE SAW WHALES!  A pod of Grey Whales.  So awesome!  It was for sure a mom and her calf, and we think papa-whale must have been there too.  If you look closely in this next picture, you can actually see the spout!

We were so incredibly excited!  We had to take a good picture to show the family and friends...

We rounded out our day with a lovely dinner at the Drift Inn in Waldport (my favorite!) and ice cream on the beach.  We got to watch the sunset at Tillicum Beach, John's first ever Oregon coast sunset!  What a lovely, perfect, amazing, wonderful day!

Several of you have asked about the ring... where did he get it, what does it look like, where is a close-up photo etc, etc.  I'm happy to show it off... just ignore my awful chipped fingernail polish.  I almost gave myself a fresh manicure that morning but literally thought, "We're just going to go play in the sand anyway, who could POSSIBLY see my chipped/outgrown/extremely light colored polish anyway?"  Yeah... oh well.  The ring is lovely, even if my polish is not. ;-)  So!  On to the gorgeous ring!

This ring originally belonged to my great-grandmother.  It's a pretty awesome story, actually.  After my Mimsey (my momma's momma) passed away, all of her old costume jewelry went into a big pile (more or less) in her craft room.  When it was my turn to look through it for a fun piece to remember her by, I found this old, broken looking ring in a box, within a box, within a box.

It used to look like this... Sad!  It was broken in places (all the prongs had been ground off with some sort of tool, a Dremel perhaps, and not by a jeweler from what our jeweler could tell), it had no stones, and it was in need of some serious TLC.  After asking mom and Granddad if I could keep it (they said yes) it lived in my mom's jewelry box for about 11 years. (whoa).  Then, when John and I started talking about marriage, I knew that there was no other ring that I wanted...  So, he took it to Jordan Jewelers in downtown Albany, Oregon.  Brad Jordan did a remarkable job of restoring this sad little lump of metal into the beautiful ring it once had been... with a little twist.

We added blue diamond side stones this time around, with the traditional round brilliant cut diamond in the center.  Interestingly, the blue diamonds are the exact same color as John's eyes.  This "profile" image of the ring shows off the beautiful art deco style of this ring.  It's about a hundred years old, and in rather good condition for it's age.  Aside from the repair work that needed to be done on the prongs and the setting, the gold was in good shape.  Brad commented, when I had an estimate done on it last October, that it was one of the older rings he'd ever personally seen.  He said that most rings of this age had their stones removed and the gold melted into something else.  I'm so glad this one was still around!  I love that I get to take a little bit of my Great-Gram and my Mimsey and Granddad, along with me into this new life that John and I are starting together.

One more neat little bit about the ring... Traditionally, a bride has "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" on her wedding day.  This ring has all of those as well!  Something old is the setting, at nearly 100 years old.  The something new is the new diamonds.  Something borrowed is the design style of using colored diamonds in an engagement ring, as that trend is a more recent one.  Lastly, the something blue is the blue diamond side stones.  Pretty neat!  

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  1. That's so cool! I love that your ring has a past history to it and that you've brought it back to life.