Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We're ALLLLIIIIIIIIIVE! - Wonderful Wednesday

In an effort to make sure that I post more, I've come up with a new idea.  What if I did a "Something Wonderful Wednesday"?  I find that the middle of the week is the hardest for me.  Mondays are tough, sure, but you get to Wednesday and it's all, hmmmmmph.  There's just not much about a Wednesday that is very appealing.  It's just... sitting there.  Smack dab in the middle of the week.  Blah.  Not any longer!  Now, I'm going to have a thankful day on Wednesdays and share something wonderful that has happened in the week.

This week?  This week our wonderful is that we are FINALLY over the near-deadly flu.  We've pulled through it healthier and stronger.  I'm  back to work, started back on Monday.  It was crazy, but it was a great day.  We're in the process of getting everything moved into the new house, so hooray for that!  We're not sure how long it will take us to fully move in, but we're happy to be making our way over.

It's a simple kind of wonderful, but it IS wonderful!  Isn't it?  :-)

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