Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh look! A bandwagon!

According to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, today marks the start of "Gratitude Month". Presumably this Internet-wide theme is to honor the spirit of Thanksgiving... It seems like a nice way to savor the little things, find some joy in the everyday, and also play with my photo apps on my iPhone. All things I love! ;-) So, without further adieu, I bring you Gratitude Month, Aubri style.

This was actually an interesting day to start this project on. I have been frumpy, grumpy, and harrumphy all day. Miss Bug has a croupy cough, I didn't sleep well... All kinds of blech. I suppose that makes today the *perfect* day to start a project like this on, but I didn't start off feeling that way. In fact, most of the "I'm grateful for..." Status posts were really annoying me. And then it hit me: if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Once I started looking for something to be grateful for, everything became a bit more magical. That sounds cheesy, right? I know, but its TRUE! Finally, I found it. Today, I am incredibly grateful for the fact that I have mastered washing cloth diapers in a front loader high efficiency (he) washer! Big huge hairy deal!!!

I run a "fast wash" with no spin (build up that extra water and get those dipes all rinsed through). Next, I run a "heavy duty" wash on hot, no spin. I finish it off with an extra rinse and high speed spin cycle. :-) I've only done it once, but it seems to be working! Hooray!!!


  1. I don't know why I'm finding it so annoying this year. I did it the last 3, but...I'm always grateful for everything. I say it often. So...I'm not going to. lol (not that you're annoying! But I'm just irritable I guess)

    Anyway, great picture! Glad you figured it out!

  2. Very happy they are clean! You are doing a great job with making your home and a being a wonderful Mom!!!!!

  3. Glad they are getting clean! You at doing a great job of making your home and bing a wonderful Mom!!!!!!