Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thank you! (And an update to our laundry situation...)

First things first, WOW!  I'm overwhelmed at the traffic numbers from yesterday!  Thank you everyone for reading, sharing, and commenting, and welcome to all the new readers! People have sent me emails, Facebook messages, and left some great comments about our post on why we cloth diaper.  Thanks to the great response, I've decided to make it a series.  I'll talk about the other "crunchy" things we do here at Casa Parmenter, and the reasons we do them.  You may be surprised!

Okay, and on to the post I had planned for today.  We've talked in the past about our cloth diaper laundry routine for our HE front loader.  If you'll remember, I've talked about loving that washer, and I really, REALLY do... but it's not actually *mine*.  It belongs to my lovely and amazing and wonderful mother-in-law, Pam.  She left us her beautiful, nearly brand new, Electrolux washer... because we didn't have one.  I was honestly scared to death about wearing it out with all the multiple cycles for washing cloth diapers.  Probably an irrational fear, but still.  When I'm using something that's REALLY nice that doesn't belong to me... I pretty much always worry I'm going to break it somehow.  So John and I had a couple little pow-wows, and decided maybe we should think about buying our own washer.  Finally, during an *awesome* sale at Sears, we jumped.

Here's our new washer!  It's a GE, and it's amazingly solid while still being extremely (almost unnervingly) quiet.

One reason we chose this model was the settings... It's basic, but still customizable.  

I love the freedom this machine gives me to change up water amount, temp, and rinse cycles... it's rad.

This is a full load of cloth diapers (no covers or pockets, just microfiber inserts, cloth wipes, flats, and prefolds).  This would have been two loads in my other washer... that's a total of 8 wash cycles.  I can hear the Electrolux heaving a sigh of relief from the cozy, blanketed storage nook we gave her in the garage. ;-)

Of course, we wash MORE than just diapers.  Things I've washed in this washer are (each bullet is it's OWN load, so keep that in mind):
  • A king sized comforter
  • Two queen sized blankets/quilts (in one load! I KNOW!!!!)
  • Four throw blankets (fleece, faux sheepskin, two quilts)
  • Every towel in our house, from washcloths to kitchen rags (YES they were all dirty at the same time, don't judge me...)
  • Two entire baskets of clothes (one kid sized, one grown-up sized)
This washer is a beast.  Seriously.  I'm so glad we made the move!

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