Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hello, sad little neglected blog... It's been... almost a year? Is that possible? I am so sorry.

Last night, I talked about this blog a little with my new friend Spencer (hi Spencer! If you're reading this!) at the Apple Store in Littleton, CO.  Since he mentioned he may find and read this... I figured I'd better throw another update post up. :)

Soooo what have we missed? *scrolls through blog, which is open in another browser tab*

  • I never blogged Remy's birth. Ever. Whoops.
  • I didn't *really* blog our move... just glossed over it in a mention.
  • I neglected to mention that WE MOVED AGAIN (hence the Apple Store in Colorado, and not Utah).
  • Missed blogging Remy's 1st birthday...
And those are just the HUGE things... Whoops!  Well... looks like a few posts are in order.  

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