Friday, July 17, 2015

The every-year-or-so update...

I am so good at making promises... I'm an expert promise maker! I craft these beautiful plans, hopes, dreams, goals... but then I just don't follow through. That's actually been an issue my whole life.  I bet you're not shocked. ;-)

Here's the thing: I really *meant* to be blogging for the last two years. I meant to blog all the cute things my children were doing and saying, I meant to be sharing our lives online in a way that family and friends could keep up, I meant to be using my blog as a platform to tell my own story.  I really did mean to!  Life is a funny animal you guys. I totally typed "aminal" and I almost left it. Aminal. The best childhood mispronunciation ever. Like "amemnomee" instead of anemone. So cute, but I digress!  I meant to. I always "mean to" and never DO. It's a sickness. I'm going to try to change that, and the first step is writing a new blog post.

I'm sitting here in my parents' house in Oregon, with a 20 month old little boy on my lap.  He's using my phone to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates so that I can type this post.  He has a cold, and he's really enjoying the extra lap time today.  Don't let it fool you, lap time is NOT his idea of a good time. The only reason he's parking here right now is because he's coughing a lot and is tired... well, that and there's Jake.  I would reeeeally like to be working towards completing my math course for school, but that is completely impossible with a 20 month old around. Especially when said 20 month old is quite honestly into everything.  EVERYTHING.  So, for now, I do my schoolwork when they're sleeping or when my family (mom, dad, brother, mom-in-law, and husband) are gracious enough to drop everything they need to do and watch our children.  It's a serious investment of time.

I'm going to school to complete my undergrad, a dual degree in elementary education and special education. It's an online school, so I will have to be licensed in Utah and then apply for an Oregon teacher's license. It is what it is, but at least I'm able to finish school online!  So very grateful for that, thank you technology!  I'm hoping to be finished sometime within the next three years. I could finish faster, I have that option... but I think that three years is good. I will also need to get my masters, and I'm considering getting that in secondary science ed. We'll see, I have a ways to go before I need to make that decision.

John is working toward getting school in play again as well.  He's going to enroll in a CNA program this fall and begin working as a CNA so that he can apply to nursing school within the next year or so.  He really wants to get through school, and I'm so proud of him for that. I think we both agree that non-traditional studenthood is rough. We really should have done this years ago, and before we had kids. I'm very proud of us for doing it at all at this point.

The kids are growing fast. Maddie is 3, Remy is 20 months... they're pretty typical kids, but they're both sharp as tacks. Maddie picks up on everything!  She has a pretty broad vocabulary, more words than most 4 year olds, and can carry on pretty involved conversations when she stays on task. Remy is still working on words, but has quite an arm!  He can throw fast, hard, and far. It's both awesome and awful... ask me about the time he through a piece of chicken into my mouth in mid-sentence at the dinner table. Ha!

At any rate... we're still here. We're still growing, and we're still working towards goals.  I do hope to blog more, but we'll have to see what happens.

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